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Services we offer

We are committed to offering the best experience for any student, at any level to dance with us. 

We offer a combination of Private Lessons, Group Classes, and Practice Parties for all members. 

The best part, is that each student can attend at their own pace, and as often as they see fit.  

We understand that busy professional lives can get in the way of committing to a fun & healthy personal life. 

That is why we do our very best to offer a schedule that is flexible for each student's needs.   

We are not only a self-paced but open enrollment studio, meaning that you can start at any time!

No partner or prior experience is necessary.

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Group Classes

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Private Lessons


Practice Parties

Group classes allow the student to experience new dances and or patterns building their dance vocabulary.  Set in a group environment, these are structured classes set at various levels.  We put a monthly calendar out so students can see what we are teaching on each night.  Classes are typically at 6:45 pm.  Not sure which class is best for you?  Just ask your instructor! 

Private lessons are the primary type of lesson we teach at the Krystal Ballroom.  We have proven over the years that if you want to invest in learning a new skill, students need one on one attention to thrive.

No partner?  No problem! Singles and couples alike can learn how to dance.

Private lessons allow you to focus on your specific needs for learning how to social or competitively dance comfortably and confidently. 

On most Friday evenings at 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. we open the studio for students to practice!  Take the opportunity to work on what you are learning and meet some like minded students in the meantime. This is an additional complimentary service for all of our enrolled students. Keep an eye out for theme and spotlight parties throughout the year.

We want you to succeed in social dancing and have fun doing so!

See you on the dance floor! 

Krystal Ballroom Team

Michael Ulbrich
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