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A Quick "Hello"

Well, I must say that week one I thought, well I will take a moment to re-set and settle into a new routine that we were all thrown into. Week two, I need to motivate myself to move, find a zest in our daily routine. But Man, by Week THREE I must say that the "novelty" - if there was even one, or that you could call it that- has worn off.

As Dancers, as Teachers, we are committed to not only bringing you the best in dance lessons and community within the studio, we REALLY LOVE WHAT WE DO!!! So yeah, by Week #3 I have to admit, I'm really missing YOU! Our students are what makes the studio thrive, in more way's than one.

I guess the bottom line is that we miss you! I simply wanted to let you all know that I am thinking of you. Drop us a line, say hello. Post a video of you dancing in your living room, send a picture to us so that we can see your smiling faces.

We can't WAIT to dance with you all again! But until then- keep on keeping on.

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