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"Get to Know" February's Student Spotlight Amy & Chandler.

First Off- CONGRATULATIONS on your Valentine Wedding!

You guessed it - Amy & Chandler started their journey with us for their wedding dance, but when you read on, you will hear in their own words how dancing has become something they never expected.

*TEASER Photo from their wedding dance. (look at the expression on guests faces) More to come!

If you had to tell me one of your most exciting or memorable moments at the studio thus far, what would it be?

Going to the Team Match was a lot of fun. It was a great opportunity to get comfortable dancing in front of other people, and we got to see so many dancers of all different skill levels perform.

What is your favorite dance to dance together?

Our favorite dance at this point would have to be hustle because the music is so much fun to dance to. Learning new steps and stringing them together is really rewarding once you get the hang of it. In the ballroom dances, we really enjoy Foxtrot because of the light, smooth rhythm of the dance that can leave you feeling like you're "gliding" across the floor.

How excited are you to dance your first dance at your wedding?

We're both getting excited and nervous as the day approaches. We're very happy that it won't be the first time we dance in front of a group and that should help with the nervousness. We hope that we really impress everyone at the wedding because they probably won't be expecting an elaborate dance from us.

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