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How to make the most of your Visions

Today is 1-20-20, might not seem like a particularly spectacular day, but then again that is all in how you perceive things.

How are you handling the New Year thus far? Did you have big plans for the year, set resolutions to be a better person, quit that habit that annoys you, try that new activity, socialize more, book that trip? Have you taken steps to achieve these #goals?

You deserve to wake up tomorrow and try again! I mean you have all year to meet those #2020 Visions, Right?

Maybe you need a little help. Next time you visit the studio, make sure to write down your vision, even better if it is a goal related to #dance! We have a fabulous board posted for all to share their thoughts. Your dance community is here to help create a bit of accountability on your journey. #nogoalistoosmall are you interested in learning a new dance? Simply trying to attend a group class or party regularly? Looking to compete or work toward a #spotlightdance. No matter how large or how small, share your goals. I am sure that you will not be the only one with the same thought!

Visions should be shared to come to fruition.

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