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Learning Curve

How Long will it take me to feel comfortable Social Dancing?

We get asked this question often from beginners and it is a difficult question to answer. Why? Every student not only has a different idea of what a "good social dancer" is but will also put in various amounts of time and effort to learn their new skill.

The answer to how long it will take you to feel comfortable on the dancefloor will largely depend on the student, their ability and also style of learning.

Just like anything, it will take you time to develop your leading and following skills.

Above all, provide yourself with patience and the mindset that adults can learn something new while having fun.

Want to help yourself along?

Yes, there is a Learning Curve to becoming a dancer.

If you want to help yourself along, Continue to attend your private lessons, your teachers are equipped at using your time to teach you in the manner that will suit your personal needs best.

Then, rather than waiting a week until you have your next private lesson, practice.

Are you taking advantage of your group classes and practice parties? These are the best way to solidify what you are working on in your private lessons.

The more you move, the easier it is! Create that Mind-Body connection while attending groups and socials.

Remember that those classes are provided for you to help you on your path to success! That is why we offer all three styles of learning.

Finally, Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ballroom Dancing!

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