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March Student Spotlight - Natalie Allen!

#KBDSHF celebrates the month of March with sharing one of our newer student stories and supporting her on the journey of learning how to dance by hosting her very first spotlight dance. Long overdue, but thank you for sharing your story and your #ChaChaCha with us!

What got you to try your first dance lesson? Having to write my obituary for a work related leadership exercise enticed me to explore some untapped passions. Dancing was definitely on my bucket list. I can now confidently say that my epitaph some day will end with “....and she danced, danced, danced.” How long have you been dancing and what has your experience been thus far? I have been dancing since last fall. I consider the studio my happy zone, a time of my day when I can forget all the burdens and responsibilities of everyday life. I instantly feel light, happy, and free. What is your favorite thing about the studio? I consider Krystal Ballroom a true oasis, a non-judgement zone where inclusivity is innately fostered. Kim, Josh, and Tory welcome all with open hearts and provide amazing support, encouragement, and can nudge anyone past their comfort zone. I’m convinced that Krystal Ballroom staff possess magical powers, allowing them to radiate positive energy, and spread happiness and joy. Best of all, Josh has taught me that I actually don’t have two left feet. Who knew? What is your favorite thing to do outside the studio? Realizing that we are in need of some editing, I spend my free time seeking out personal enrichment opportunities in all four corners of the globe. I often rely on my creativity to quench my wanderlust by traveling off the beaten path, fueled by the thrill and adventure of finding delight in the undiscovered, unspoken, unmet...I am multilingual and pursue any opportunity to practice my language skills. I’m also addicted to podcasts. Currently hooked on Invisibilia, an NPR series.

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