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Meet our first Student Spotlights of 2020

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Eileen Pacy was one of Krystal Ballroom in Hampton Falls first students, within a year, she has been competing around the country and thriving in her new dance community. But don't hear it from us, take a moment to read her interview here!

*Eileen will be dancing a Spotlight at this Thursday January 23rd Party.

Why did you start dancing?

I started dancing regularly/formally because Krystal Ballroom opened in Hampton

Falls in 2019!!! Thank GOD! It is a blessing for me that this opportunity presented

itself so close to home! I have always loved to dance socially, but this was

usually limited to weddings and functions. I wish I started Ballroom dancing

much sooner, but I was busy with my family and career and never pursued it.

Why do you continue to dance?

Music and dancing lifts my spirits and has improved my health! I am amazed at

what I continue to learn from Michael and Kim. I really did not know any of the

dances…and after a year and a half, I know at least 10 of them well enough to

compete! I enjoy the competitions. I love the sense of accomplishment and

improving my dancing continually. Now, I fill every extra moment with the

opportunity to dance because there will always be so much to learn and achieve!

What's your favorite thing about dancing at Krystal?

I cannot list just one favorite thing about dancing at Krystal!

The welcoming atmosphere; (Kim & Michael and team). My fellow students. The

smiling faces. The laughs. The learning. The Caring. The encouragement. The fun.

The Classes. Thursday night dancing. Competing with Michael. .

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