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Meet our first Student Spotlights of 2020

Sean Mattie aka "Juan" was one of Krystal Ballroom in Hampton Falls first students, within a year, he has done spotlights, competed and loves social dancing!

*Sean will be dancing a Spotlight at this Thursday January 23rd Party.

Why is your favorite Dance?

It’s a Tie between three dances. Foxtrot/ Rumba & Hustle. If I had to choose just one I would choose Rumba because it is the dance of Passion. Watch out Ladies!

Why is your favorite part of dancing with us?

I like the energy, The fact that you can make mistakes, be yourself, regroup recover, look good doing so, and finally get a lot of support with your peers and new friends.

Advice for students just starting out?

Think about what you love about dance. Visit with an open mind and get excited about watching other people dance. Remember that everyone was new at one point, and everyone makes progress. You will be amazed at how much process you will make.

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