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Ringing in 2021 like....

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Let's Do this! We are so very excited for you to begin your new chapter and lease on life within the dance studio and there is NO better time than Now!


Are you ready to MOVE again?

Are you ready to HAVE FUN again?

Are you ready to SMILE again?

Are you ready to be SOCIAL again?

Are you ready to LEARN again?

Are you ready to simply GET OUT again?

Well, We sure the heck are!

With safety measures in place, you can be rest assured that starting private lessons with us is a safe and comfortable experience.

New Students, take advantage of our Introductory Lesson for only $20 per person!

If you have always wanted to try dance lessons - whatever your reason, give us a shout!

When you decide to give yourself the gift of dance lessons - have faith that we will be here for you! We love what we do - and we are the best with the most credentials in the area! See you on the dancefloor!

call or text! 603-892-7896

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