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September of 2022

Celebrate NATIONAL BALLROOM DANCERS WEEK with us. Ask us how you can participate!

Not Only are we offering a fabulous #raffle to win great prizes including FREE dance lessons, but we will be joining our Sister Studio in Salem for the parties on the 16th and the 23rd! Spotlights, celebration and memorable moments to be had.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY GROUP CLASS FOR ALL LEVELS ON SEPTEMBER 16TH COMPLIMENTARY FOR YOUR GUESTS! Let them experience what all the fuss is about - because we know you can't stop talking about dancing!

Follow us on Social for more details through the month - who knows? You might be a Star! @krystalballroomhf

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1 commentaire

Eileen Pacy
Eileen Pacy
13 sept. 2022

Such a fun month !

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