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80's Throwback Formation Announcement!

Krystal Ballroom HF will be preparing another Formation Dance for the 2023 Showcase held in late spring. We are already in preperations for a fabulous group class that will prepare a routine collectively to dance as a performance. This is an amazing opportunity for students who want to be part of something, but not sure if they are ready to take the stage alone, or students who want to participate in a FUN community based class. *OPEN TO ALL LEVELS!

Classes will begin In January at 6:45 prior to the parties on Friday evenings.

The cost is total, other than the costume, which will be finalized in January.

Link to sign up is here:

Don't have a Mindbody Log-In? Simply stop by the front desk and get yourself enrolled today.

Want to do a payment plan? Deposit of $175 with 2 remaining monthly auto payments is an option. Please ask.

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