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"Falling" for October

Now that Fall is here and the crisp tickles our shoulders, you might have indoor sports in mind. There is always something fun to learn at the studio - and the October 2022 calendar is here and ready for your schedules!

Thank you for all that participated in our National Ballroom Dancers Week Celebration! We can't wait until next year. Your feedback on all the festivities assists us on making future decisions. - We truly appreciate you!


At the moment we are in Stamford CT with a few students - and competing very well!

Many Students will be joining us in a few weeks at HOTLANTA Dancesport- one of my personal favorite competitions! It is the Blackpool of Pro-Am!

*Make sure you keep an eye out on our FB and IG account for plenty of fun video's!


Ready to participate in one of these amazing weekend outings? In case you haven't heard, We will be participating in a Mini-Comp December 11th- and offering an ALL INCLUSIVE package with Food, Hotel and Dancing... PLUS our Annual GALA in the evening!

- even if you do not come to compete- make sure you plan to attend a fashionable evening with us for dinner dancing and festive cheer. More details in studio.

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